Teacher’s gender in classroom management (Bachelor thesis)

Δαλάτση, Αθανασία/ Παπαδοπούλου, Άννα-Μαρία/ Καλογρά, Ιωάννα/ Dalatsi, Athanasia/ Papadopoulou, Anna-Maria/ Kalogra, Ioanna

The present project is the result of an attempt to investigate teacher’s stereotyped perceptions about the variation of gender’s strategies in classroom management. In the course of this work there are some important definitions which are explained in detail in the theoretical part. Another important part is the historical evolution of gender’s education in Greece, emphasizing on prospective teachers’ training. The series of events are presented through dates of the history education, making references to people who have influenced the educational system of Greece. As the project goes on there is some information about the significance of teacher’s gender in education, focusing on the classroom management strategies which are applied by each gender. The theoretical part concludes with the definition of classroom management, and a list of some key theories that experts have developed. All this theoretical part is confirmed by the research which is presented in the empirical part of the thesis. In particular, teachers from the cities of Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis were called to complete the questionnaire of the research. Its aim is to set off their perceptions about the interdependence of the teacher's gender and the way they manage the class. Therefore, it appears that most of the teachers prefer to keep a neutral attitude avoiding any stereotyped concept about the opposite gender. To conclude, the thesis contains the listed bibliography which was used in order to select information that is involved in this project
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης. Σχολή Επιστημών Αγωγής. Παιδαγωγικό Τμήμα Δημοτικής Εκπαίδευσης
Subject classification: Classroom management
Sex discrimination in education--Greece
School management and organization--Greece
Keywords: Φύλο,Διαχείριση της τάξης,Στερεότυπο,Πειθαρχία,Gender,Classroom management,Stereotype,Discipline

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